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Freedom to compete and make offers without limitations

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Connect, compare, shortlist and book on one Social Platform

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Direct Connection

Hotels get access to hot prospects and their requirements. Easy to use interface to interact and respond. No third party interference.

Social Platform

One stop social travel platform. Get customized offers based on your requirements. Form groups and get unique group offers from hotels.

Easy to Join

Hotels & Travelers join in minutes at no cost. A simple platform to promote multiple properties. API available to connect to other hotel systems.

Access to more than 450.000 hotels to book

Regional partners servicing locally

The hotel booking experience. Reimagined.

With BidWings, hotels and travelers can connect directly at last. A truly transparent experience.

The walk-in experience. Brought online.

BidWings is a return to grassroots hospitality. A chance to experience the full spectrum of services a hotel has to offer.

Freedom to connect. Freedom to match. Freedom to travel.

True value in hotel booking means more than a discount. True value is found when hotels know about a traveler’s requirements, and travelers can enjoy a hotel’s offers without limitations.

Together is better.

BidWings is social. Easily connect with your friends and family. Organising group travel plans just changed forever.

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