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Hotels have so much to offer to you, facilities, style, atmosphere, connections and local attractions. BidWings is a social marketplace connecting travelers and hotels directly allowing you to experience and make the most of each hotel you visit.

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More Than Booking

As a traveler you create an account and set your travel preferences in your profile, can be modified any time and specified by trip. If you are planning a trip, you can search and browse trough our database of hotels worldwide and shortlist the hotels that seem more suitable. BidWings will capture the details of your trips and preferences, including ideal budget, and share with the selected hotels. These hotels have the chance to interact and respond with unique custom offers.

How do Groups Works?

When planning a trip, a member can invite other connected members to be part of a travel group or a group for a single trip. Connecting with shortlisted hotels will include all members who accepted the invite and hotels will respond with offers to all members of the group. Planning for events or holidays is made easy using the Group feature.
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True value in hotel booking means more than a discount. True value is found when hotels know about a traveler’s requirements, and travelers can enjoy a hotel’s offers without limitations.

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BidWings is social. Easily connect with your friends and family. Organising group travel plans just changed forever.

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