Yes hotels.

You can do it.

It's time to transform online hotel booking. Lower cost, better profitability, rewarding relationships with guests, loyalty and referrals.

Connect your hotel

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Connect With Your Customers

Engage and show that you care. Connect and get to know your customers and prospects.

Offer Without Limitations

Your hotel, your offer; Price, terms, inclusions, services. Be smart, be different.

Time Well Spent

Travelers remember how you made them feel. Invest in your future, in loyalty and referrals.

How are we different?

Travelers on our platform shortlist your hotel for an imminent trip to see what you can offer. All you have to do is respond using our easy to use interface. What you offer is up to you, no limitations, like a walk in customer. All the time, every time. Requests will come from individuals and groups!

Booking immediately

Travelers can also book immediately in the portal. Our book now facility allows travelers to reserve rooms in your hotel anytime and on the spot.

What's the trap?

There's no trap. There are two account types for hotels on BidWings.

Basic Account

Basic Accounts are a great starting point to get your hotel set up and engaging with prospects. It is Free to sign up and Free to use. This account allows you to view and respond to incoming requests from the prospects, make them offers and book them in. All at no cost.

Premium Account

It is Free to sign up and carries a yearly subscription fee. Apart from all the features a Basic account can do, the Premium subscription unlocks additional services that help make the most of the BidWings platform to sharpen your pitch, engage your prospects and gain loyal customers.

Freedom to connect. Freedom to match. Freedom to travel.

True value in hotel booking means more than a discount. True value is found when hotels know about a traveler’s requirements, and travelers can enjoy a hotel’s offers without limitations.

You are only limited by Your Imagination.

Look around and look within. For customers, it’s a unique experience. Share your story.
Connect your hotel

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